What does an Employee Satisfaction Research do for an organization?

Find out what you need to know

Stimulates involvement, motivation, loyalty, and a pleasant vibe at work
Increases your employees' productivity
Shows you things you can't find out by yourself
Convert your results into action

Does not give you insights into your customers

To gather information about your customers' opinions, use NPS research.

Online performance dashboard

Everything you need to know about your Employee Satisfaction Research in one insightful, interactive dashboard. Check your score, follow your trend lines, and learn exactly what you need to grow.

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So, how do you guys do it?

We guide you with every step!

Research design

We'll help you decide what to ask your employees


Find out what different target groups say about your organization

Ask your employees on a regular basis

Using short questionnaires, we can keep track of improvements with a regular interval

Unique dashboard

Bring all results close to everyone involved with the online performance dashboard

Results are in!

Time to analyze the results and turn them into action


Don't stop at questioning your employees, learn everything there is to know about your customers as well with (e)NPS and MSR!