Secret Collect

We think it is of great importance that you, as a client, keep the focus on what is important. To see at a glance what's going well and what isn't going as well and the possibility to zoom in on the results you want to know more about. The dashboard, called Secret Collect, can be completely customized and is precisely tailored to the wishes within your organization.

Scoring system

Scoring system

The questionnaire consists of a number of categories, which include the journey or travel that the customer makes within your organization.

Each category is made up of a set of related questions. In this way, there is a score per category. Because we use the well-known colors of a traffic light, it becomes clear at a glance what's going well and what needs some work.

Zoom in on results

Click on a category to zoom in and find out what the score is made up of.

Here you can see the trend of the category, how different target groups experience it, how different locations score and how the questions that belong to the category score.

Zoom in on results
Get insight in trends

Get insight in trends

A 7.5 is more than enough. But what if it was first a 6? Or maybe an 8? You want to know how that 7.5 came about.

The continuous use of mystery shoppers offers the opportunity to identify trends. Trends give shape to a result and give you insight into a certain development over a longer period. They provide you with guidance in developing training courses, presentations for store managers days and input for evaluation interviews.


Compare locations, categories, target groups, customer journeys and questions with each other. It is just what you need.

Locatie x formule

Each location manager can compare his or her results with the total score of the formula.

This way, the person immediately knows whether there is a better score or whether adjustments have to be made to at least reach the average level of the formula.

Locatie x formule

Focus on what's important

We ensure that you only have to focus on the main issues. We take away all peripheral issues for you. We automatically send notifications, make it possible to print and offer you insight into analytics.



If new results are available, we will send an e-mail within 48 hours to everyone involved in the result.

Think of the management, regional managers and store managers. As a manager you receive only one e-mail when several new results are available. This ensures that mail traffic stays within bounds.


Printing is bad for the environment. We are not a fan of it and we have therefore imposed ourselves to keep prints as compact as possible. After all, that is what you want!

We understand very well that it is useful to hang results in the canteen for employees or to use it for documentation of an evaluation meeting or team meeting.



The all-seeing eye.

Of course you want to keep an overview and know if everyone is working on the results. Management gains insight into who views and uses the results. We are proud to show you that the results are enormous among your employees.

There is much more ...

... and there is more every day

Extensive reports

For everyone who is looking for details, depth, examples and substantiation.


A photowall, because image says so much more than words. Our community makes alot of photos!

Fully responsive

Phone, tablet, computer, laptop, watch, notice board; it works everywhere.

Export to PDF & XLS

For anyone who wants to juggle data themselves or want to dress up a presentation.

Work with multiple target groups

Get insight into how different target groups or persona experience it.

Rankings at region and location level

Who scores below and above average?

General research statistics

Including the average amount spent, number of orders executed, etc.


Get exactly what you are looking for.

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