What is mystery shopping?

Simple and affordable insight in real customer journeys

Continuous insights into workfloor results
An extra set of eyes on the floor, especially when the manager is not around
Compare and benchmark shop-to-shop results
Quick action with an online dashboard
10.000+ mystery shopper community!

Limited response volume

Want a huge number of responses? Use NPS research.

Online performance dashboard

Everything about your mystery shopping research in one insightful, interactive dashboard. See your scores, follow trend lines, and learn exactly what you need to grow.

Check the dashboard

How do we do mystery shopping research?

Step-by-step guidance through the process

Research design

What are we going to examine? We help you formulate cases, target audiences, and questionnaires.

Recruitment and selection

We make sure we only send the best mystery shoppers. That's how we guarantee superb quality.

Preparation and execution of the assignments

Our mystery shoppers are going visit your stores! We make sure they are well-trained so they know exactly what to examine.

Check results

We check every single result (questionnaire) manually, ensuring you receive constructive feedback that helps you grow.

Feedback and support

Together we take a look at the process. Can we improve anything? We'll make it better in the next round.

Research completed!

This round of the mystery shopping research is done. Time to convert the results to action.


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