An extra set of eyes


There isn’t one specific reason to use mystery shoppers. The data generated by mystery shopping assignments can be used in many ways throughout your organization. In this mini-series we’ll show you the many ways that mystery shopping can support and strengthen many aspects of your company. In each article we’ll answer a question, starting with:

“When I’m there everything goes smoothly, but what about when I’m not there?” 


Store employees play a key role in contact with customers during the sale of products and services. It’s often underestimated how difficult it can be and how many variables affect its success,  nevertheless expectations are almost always sky-high. High expectations are good, but it’s usually not obvious how to achieve them. 

A real world example

In order to fulfill the expectations of the management, there has to be progress. Executives introduce the changes and the operational team is expected implement them. At the office, the KPIs are monitored and on the basis of, e.g. the turnover that one store is better than the other. Also there are sometimes big differences, even though a poorly performing store attracts as many visitors as a high performing store.

The responsible regional manager then talks with the senior management and indicates that when he’s in the stores where turnover figures are lagging behind, everything goes smoothly. The store manager also doesn’t understand and takes regional manager's word. Senior management starts to talk and has to make a number of assumptions, but without the data they can’t pinpoint the issue. 

And how does mystery shopping help with that?

High expectations are often accompanied by mistakes. Making these mistakes isn’t an issue as long as its clear what is going wrong and where and why. Its also important to occasionally hear where theres room for improvement. You cant improve if you don’t know what’s going well, and what you need to change. Thats why our research is focused on providing insight into where exactly the bottlenecks are. 

How mystery shopping helps keep an eye on things 

 Continuous insight into performance in the workplace 
 Overcome tunnel vision

 An extra set of eyes in the store, especially when manager’s aren’t present 
 Benchmark one stores performance against other the others 
 Instant insight with an personal online dashboard 

Want an extra set of eyes in the store?

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