Welcome on board Dyson!


Dyson is a technology company operating globally. It aims to change all the sectors in which it operates with radical and characteristic inventions that work and perform outstandingly. Dyons products are completely different from traditional products. Better ideas and technologies are essential to solving problems that others often ignore.

For Dyson, it’s important that their distinctive character is also communicated correctly by store employees. Dyson used Secret View to better understand and measure how this process works and how customers experience it. Secret View will not only enroll mystery shoppers in more than 30 shop-in-shops, but also in a large number of stores where Dyson products are sold.

"Dyson and Secret View get along very well. We are both advocates of innovation, we are disruptive, and R&D (Research and development) is high on the agenda." said Amber Hovestad, Director of Retail Operations at Dyson Benelux. She looks to the future with optimism: "The results of the pilot research have made us curious to know even more interesting and useful feedback to help our customers make the best choice."

The research started in May, and will be continuously conducted at stores in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. All participating locations will receive monthly mystery shoppers. The type of mystery shopper will reflect Dyson's actual target groups.

Mystery shopper?
For Dyson assignments, we deviate slightly from our normal method. You will not receive a shopping budget for this research, but financial compensation as a reward for completing the assignment. The financial compensation is € 15.00.