What is NPS?

The Net Promoter® Score (NPS) gives you insight into the loyalty of your customers. All based on one simple question.

The most powerful, easy method to acquire insights into your customers' opinions.
Countless opinions in one online dashboard
Possibility to add questions for segmentation and in-depth information
Get a score for both customers and employees (eNPS)

Limited depth

The most immersive accounts of customer journeys are acquired through mystery shopping.

Online performance dashboard

Gather all your NPS statistics in one insightful, interactive dashboard. Get your score, follow your trends, and learn exactly what you need to grow.

Check the dashboard

How do we do it?

We do it our way

Research design

Structure the research according to your wishes. What's going to happen, on how large a scale?

Dashboard setup

We set up your personal online performance dashboard

Start the research

Ask the NPS question and start collecting valuable data

Collect your results

Check the first responses and keep track of your score continuously

Job's done!

Results are in, time for action.


Expand your research package and learn everything you want to know about your customers and organization!