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What is mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping is the way to help as a consumer to improve the customer experience of your favorite brands.

You do this by visiting, as an anonymous and average customer, one of the stores of our clients and filling in a questionnaire afterwards. We will provide you with a briefing and the questionnaire prior to your visit, so that you know exactly what to look out for.

What is mystery shopping?
Find a great assignment

Step 1

Find a great assignment

there's a lot of choose from!

After you have registered yourself, we will check and verify your registration. After this, you are part of our community. From that moment on you have access to our platform and you can sign up for assignments in your area that have caught your eye. Within the community, you build up a status that gives you benefits as you gain experience.

Step 2

Prepare yourself well

that's half the work!

That way you know what to look for when doing the assignment. We will offer you support in various ways to make it as easy as possible for you. Think of a step-by-step plan, sample questionnaires and a detailed briefing. Sometimes, for example, you have to take a photo or ask a specific question. You'll only know this by reading the briefing thoroughly.

Prepare yourself well
Do the assignment

Step 3

Do the assignment

and reward yourself!

The moment is here; you go and carry out the assignment! You are well prepared, so all you have to do now is to be yourself, walk through the customer journey and make a purchase. You can (usually) keep the purchase as a reward for the doing the the assignment. So buy something that you love and like!

Step 4

Fill in the questionnaire

within 24 hours, please!

We think it's very important that our clients can react on the results fast. That is why we expect you to submit the questionnaire to us within 24 hours after your visit. That way it is still fresh in your memory. Note: sometimes we ask for text and explanation. Just 'good' or 'bad' is not enough. Give substantiated feedback and try to do this in a way in which you'd like to receive it, too.

Fill in the questionnaire

We are constantly publishing new assignments!

Where can you go mystery shopping?









What do we expect from you?

As a mystery shopper

You are critical but objective

and your opinion is appreciated when we specifically ask for it.

You can turn your findings into constructive criticism

so one can learn from it.

You have empathy

and you can put yourself in the shoes of the receiver of the feedback.

You know how to give feedback in a respectful way

like you wish to be treated yourself.

You can draw up effectual situation sketches

and go into detail where necessary!

You are aware of what happens to the results

and act on it.

You master the English language in speach and in writing

and you are able to formulate clear sentences.

You never make yourself known as a mystery shopper

during the execution of assignments! This also applies when the assignment is completed.

You are not afraid to ask us your questions

to clarify the assignment.

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