Our mission

We offer every organization a simple and affordable solution to continuously learn from high-quality feedback based on real customer experiences from mystery shopping research.


Secret View was founded by Niek Koning during his study Small Business & Retail Management. In addition to his studies, he had a job in retail. There he was dealing with mystery shopping. He was surprised at the poor presentation of the results and the fact that the mystery shoppers often had little affinity with the formula he worked for. That could be different. Secret View was born.


Secret View has started to develop rapidly since 2015. More and more large and small formulas managed to find (and know) Secret View. The number of mystery shopping orders grew from 3500 orders in 2015 to more than 12,000 in 2017, the community grew from 900 to 7,000 mystery shoppers and the team at the office expanded from 2 to 12 employees.


We live The Lean Startup!

We continuously make problem assumptions and validate possible solutions for our clients and mystery shoppers. In this way we determine whether or not they are of added value for optimizing our working method. We build something small, the minimum, so that we can quickly put it into use. Only then can we measure whether we are on the right path. We also call this validated learning. We do not build months of unnecessary products or functionalities that later turn out never to be used. We are fully data driven and do nothing on gut feeling.


A self-managing organization

Within Secret View we have a flat structure in which employees act from a team in which they interpret one or more roles. Everyone is responsible and makes decisions from his or her own role. Because of our dynamic and transparent structure we are able to constantly adjust.

This is us

Team Secret View

Claire Cijnssen


Ludens van Hunen


Denise Maassen


Lewi Hussey

Frontend developer

Nick de Beijer


Niek Koning


Marleen Stevering


Koen Basten

Business development manager

Clemens van der Molen


Tom Droste

Backend developer

Gerard Gunnewijk

Backend developer

Daan Schoenmakers


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