My registration

I have successfully completed my registration but I can not see any assignments in the platform yet. Where are they?

We screen all registrations by hand. This may take a few days to gain access to the platform.

Do I have to visit you for a job interview?


We screen your registration by hand, but you do not have to come by for a job interview. If we have any questions regarding your registration, we will contact you. There is therefore no employer-employee relationship. You participate in research. We do give you an internal assessment after completing an assignment. You build up a status with us.

My employer is one of your clients. May I carry out mystery shopping assignments for you?


We do not find it a problem if it seems nice to you as a mystery shopper to be active with us. This can be enormously educational! However, you are not supposed to sign up for assignments with your employer. If we find this we will report this.

My assignments

How many assignments can I sign up for?

You can sign up for up-to 7 assignments at once.

How quickly do I have to fill in the questionnaire after completing the assignment?

Within 24 hours.

Both for you and for us and our clients is the best time immediately after your visit. Then the memory of your visit is still fresh, and you can retell the visit in detail. Of course it is possible that you do not manage to complete the questionnaire immediately after your visit, so if you do it within 24 hours you have enough time!

Why am I more likely to win an assignment if I enter my profile 100%?

There are a large number of assignments available, in many places in the Netherlands and abroad. To help you find assignments in your environment that match your interests, we need to get to know you a bit. The better we get to know each other, the better the assignments can be tailored to you!


I want to earn money as a mystery shopper. Am I with you at the right place?

No, we only work with a financial compensation when it is not possible to give your shopping budget to buy something. In most cases the purchase must be reimbursed.

You work with a shopping budget. How does this work?

Right! We want to realize a real customer experience. That's why we give you the budget that you're going to make a purchase. The purchase almost always serves as a reward for the execution of the assignment. So you can keep it. For example, trousers at a clothing store, a plant at a garden center, a treatment at the hairdresser or tickets for the cinema. Only when it is not possible to work with a shop budget will we pay a small financial compensation for your efforts.

How often do you pay out fees?

You will be paid per assignment, almost always before you start your visit. There are therefore no fixed payment moments such as with your work or side job.

Do you also reimburse travel expenses?

No, we do not reimburse travel expenses. The intention is that you carry out assignments in your place of residence or region, and especially in places where you yourself are already arranged. In this way, Mystery shopping assignments can be combined very well with other activities, and can be executed in between!

Do I have to indicate to the tax authorities how much money Secret View has paid to me?

Yes, but you are responsible for giving up extra income at De Belastingdienst. This income comes under the item 'Income from other work', but is rarely taxable. This is different for every individual. If in doubt, contact your financial advisor and / or the tax authorities. If you have a sickness, disability or management scheme, you must check with the relevant organization before performing mystery shopping assignments whether you are authorized to acquire additional income.

My privacy

Is my name known to the client?

No, your anonymity is guaranteed by us, and we will never provide your data to our clients. For more information about privacy, see the terms and conditions.

Why do you need my bank details?

We use the IB47 scheme. This means that you don't earn a salary with us, but receive compensation for the assignments to be carried out. We must register the visits with tax office and that's why we need your name, address and government identity number. The compensation falls under the item 'income from other activities'.

Are my details in safe hands with you?

We make every effort to ensure that your data is stored and processed as safely as possible. For example, our websites can only be accessed by means of d.m.v. a secure connection (HTTPS & SSL) and all data is stored encrypted. For a complete list of all measures taken, see our Privacy Statement

How do you deal with the AVG legislation?

We have been preparing for the new AVG legislation for months now so that we are ready for this in time. In short, we have thoroughly researched all processes internally to see where exactly your data is used and processed. Based on this research, an internal data policy plan has been drawn up, processing protocols have been drawn up and the deviations with the AVG have become visible. These deviations have all been addressed at the moment and are all in line with the AVG.

Do you share my data with third parties?

No, we only use your data for ourselves. In a few cases we have to send something to you. For example a thermometer to measure the temperature of a meal. this is done directly from the head office of our client. If this is the case, we will discuss this with you first.