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The mystery shopping platform for all your shops worldwide.

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Learn how your target audience experiences their customer journey(s)

The customer journey consists of different touchpoints. Secret View's mystery shopping research allow you to obtain precise insights into how your teams perform on specific touchpoints within the journey. Use these insights to continuously track your performance and adapt whenever necessary.

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You can't be everywhere at once. But we can.

Get insight into customer experiences all over the world. Whether it’s in The Netherlands, the US or Spain. Secret View grows alongside you and finds the perfect mystery shoppers for you business anywhere.


Get feedback from your real customers

Use the power of our growing community of 50,000+ real customers.

Choose your target audience. Get feedback from someone who perfectly fits your target demographic - and gain a new customer while you are at it!


Receive detailed feedback

Conventional research agencies will give you lists with checked boxes. Our community will give you detailed descriptions of real-life situations that your employees can use to grow.


Implement data-driven training programs

Reinforce your gut feeling with data directly from your target audience.

  • Map your team's training needs
  • Effectively divide training budgets
  • Enable more focused, personalized training
  • Measure your team's progress

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I start a mystery shopping research?

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I'd like to be able to get an overview of the performance of my stores. Is that possible?

Can my (store) managers get access to the results?

Can I compare my stores to one another?

In which countries are you able to do mystery shopping research?

How can I be sure mystery shoppers give high-quality feedback?

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