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Measure. Learn. Grow. Repeat.

This is how you optimize your business' customer experience with Secret View.

Improve the customer journey

Measure every step of the experience your customers have in your stores.

Get actionable insights

Measure exactly what your team can improve and translate research results into actions.

Increase your revenue

Use the feedback of our research to find every opportunity to increase revenue.

Learn and grow with your team

Use our community's feedback to map out personal development opportunities for your team.

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Optimize your store's customer journeys

How do your employees advise their customers? And how does the customer feel about this? Get answers to these questions and more and measure every step in your personal dashboard.

Illustration depicting a typical customer journey through a walking route, with green, red and orange smileys.

Our mystery shoppers are real customers

We don't believe in professional mystery shoppers. Our dedictated community of 20,000+ mystery shoppers are regular consumers who are part of your target audience.


Benchmarking & trend analysis

Gain insight into the effect of the actions you and your team take through continuous measurements, benchmarking and trend analysis.

Illustration of a trend line in the mystery guest dashboard

Zoom in on results

Get deep insights about your stores' customer journeys, from general overview, to touchpoint, to individual surveys. Use these insights to guide, coach and monitor your stores in a controlled way.

Illustration of the categories store, sales, and questionnaire in a funnel

“When you grow as fast as Rituals, it is a challenge to provide the same service worldwide. That's where Secret View came in, a partner that grows with us. ”

Lysander Oerlemans
Head of International Retail Operations, Rituals

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Who are your mystery shoppers?

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