Experience your stores through the eyes of your customers

Continuously optimize your customer experience with actionable feedback from your own target group to make every visit to your store a great experience.

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Product Overview Secret View Dashboard

These and other brands get feedback from their community


Measure your customer experience

Get feedback from every step of the experience your customers have in your stores.


Learn from the results

Translate your target group's feedback into actions for your team.


Grow your business

Use weekly, bi-weekly or monthly feedback loops to monitor and improve your customers experience and revenue.


Get feedback from people who are already interested in your store(s)

Harness the power of our growing community of 20,000+ regular consumers. Select your target group and get feedback from people who exactly match your selected target demographics.


Plaats je opdracht op ons community platform

Publiceer gemakkelijk je mystery shopping opdrachten op ons platform. Vervolgens nemen onze communityleden jouw opdracht aan, mits deze bij hen past.


Doordat communityleden shoptegoed ontvangen in plaats van een financiële vergoeding, kiezen zij opdrachten die bij hen passen. Zo behoren zij altijd tot jouw ideale klant.


Dive into the results

Receive in-depth insights of the customer journeys of your locations. Get an overarching overview, measure specific aspects of the customer journey and analyze the individual questionnaires.

Benchmark, filter, analyze and use the results to support and coach your teams in a controlled way.


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Kan ik ook mystery shopper worden?

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