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Secret Views Mystery Shopping Platform for mystery shoppers

Your assignment on the platform

It can't get any smoother than this. Post your assignment on our platform so our community can find it. Shoppers choose the assignments that suit them and visit your store. Your feedback is often ready in your dashboard the next day.


Shoppers discover your assignments on the map

Shoppers can easily find your assignment close to their own living and working environment, thanks to the handy map function. This ensures that they not only choose assignments that they like, but also assignments at stores where they can shop more often.

Maybe they will discover your store(s) and become a customer more often?


Insights in spent amounts

When your shopper spends his or her shopping fee in your store, he or she will see these amounts reflected in the Wallet.

Did you know that with a shopping fee of €15,- euro shoppers spend an average of €19.50? And yes, that €4.50 end up in your pocket!


Shoppers choose what they find interesting

Shoppers can filter by their interests. This is one of the features that helps them find assignments that suit them.

Shoppers filter by:

  • Store categories
  • Shop type
  • Distrance to their location
  • Duo or solo assignments
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Training and assistance in giving qualitative feedback

From basic principles to substantial knowledge about mystery shopping and giving feedback; we help our community members to become master feedback givers with e-learning, personal support and quality checks.

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