The next step in community engagement

Having a long, long wish list full of features, it’s sometimes challenging to decide what to set our sights on next. But our newest update is a real game changer!

…and that’s exactly what’s needed when clients ask you to expand your research to a global scale. In the past months, we have been rolling out mystery shopping for amazing clients to all corners of the world. The number of countries we are active in increased from 7 to a total of 27 (say what!), and our community is steadily growing everywhere.

But (international) growth comes with challenges, and we try to be one step ahead. One of the challenges is to maintain the high level of quality and in-depth feedback our clients expect from us. In more than a dozen languages. That’s why a major part of our activities is dedicated to quality control.

As a technology-based company, we strive towards innovation and efficiency. As a young company, we strive towards fun and flexibility. With these values in mind, we continuously search for ways to increase the engagement of our community. And who’s better at maintaining a high level of feedback quality than the best native mystery shoppers we have? Right, no one!

Community Approval

That’s why, to the delight of our top shoppers, we’re giving a select group within the community the opportunity to become more involved with this integral part of our researches. The next step in community engagement is the beta version of Community Approval. A brand new feature visible only for those mystery shoppers who, after applying, have gained access to the surveys of other mystery shoppers (anonymized!).

So how do we ensure that the Approvers are just as good at quality control as our own team at the office? The answer is threefold: 1) training and education, 2) ranking by experience and 3) the four-eyes principle. Approvers are thoroughly trained to become great Approvers and are subsequently ranked by the number of questionnaires they have approved (and how well they did). Lastly, the four-eyes principle entails that every single questionnaire our mystery shoppers hand in have to be approved by two people. We have added a safeguard in our software to ensure this.  

It’s not just a handy tool for us but there’s a good buck to earn, too! Depending on your rank (beginner, intermediate, expert) as Approver, we pay a certain amount per survey approved. Win-win for everyone! For now, there’s a limited number of spots available per language. As we roll out internationally, more Approvers will be needed. Interested? Let us know!

Quality control is one thing, but doing it in 16 languages is a whole different ball game. Next week, we’ll talk more about how we’re trying to stay ahead by supporting a community and clients globally in their native tongues!