Discover the best mystery shopping dashboard there is.

Your dashboard visualizes customer experience in your customer journeys. Exactly what you need to grow. Cool, right?

Zoom in on your data

Dive deeper into the data that matters to your business. Segment your research results on different touchpoints, customer journeys, locations, location groupings, and mucc more.

Use these insights to improve and adapt to optimize your customer experience.


How are customer welcomed? Do your employees advise customers correctly? And how does that make customers feel?

Customer journeys

How do multiple customer journeys perform compared to one another? How does your team perform during lunch and during dinner?

Target audiences

Is there a difference in experiences between men and women? And how do people from different age groups feel about their visit?

Location groupings

Make clusters of locations on the basis of regions, districts, area managers and more.


Guide your business with comparisons.

With benchmarking, you can compare all scores to the research averag. Learn exactly where you can improve and what you're already goodat. Tha way you'll know precisely where your and your team's efforts are most needed.

Discover top performers in your organization and extract best practices from the results.

Black image of Secret View benchmarking options


Compare all participating locations to one another and to the average score. Who's a top performer and who could use some help?


Compare performance by research periods and improve your training programs. Is your customers' experience as good in December as it was in March?

Question level

Down to the most specific level, individual questions, yo can easily compare participating locations. Is cross-selling being applied correctly?

Top performers

Easy overview of the top (and least) performing participants and questions give you immediate insights into performance on every level.


More than checked boxes.

At every aspect of the customer journey, mystery shoppers give thorough insights with extensive explanations and descriptions. This way, you'll always understand the contex of a mystery shopping visit.

  • Get a set of qustions for each phaseof the customer journey
  • Including extensive explanations
  • Understand full context through detailed descriptions
  • Prioritize questions using different values
Secret View's Mystery Shopping dashboard with highlighted survey

Make growth visible with trend analyses.

Continuous, regular mystery shopping research gives the most reliable results. Using measurements with fixed intervals will give you efficient insights into the effects of the actions you take to improve your customer journey.

Did you organize a training to improve your team's sales pitch? Check your dashboard to see if the training has had any effect.

Dashboard with upselling trends

And much more...

as our software is constantly being updated with new features and improvements.

Photo wall

All pictures taken by mystery shoppers during their assignment in one overview.

Brand identity

Add the logo and theme of your organization to your dashboard to give it a personal touch.

Score divisions

Customize your dashboard by indicating what a good and a bad score is according to you, and pick the colors that visualize those scores.

More on the way

We are always developing new stuff based on our clients' wishes.

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