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Your dashboard provides insight into customer experience based on your customer journeys. Exactly what you need to grow. Cool right?

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Research setup

Easily customize your own research (Small Business) or let us do it for you (Enterprise). With your business knowledge and our expertise, we’ll make sure you have a running start.

  • Build a survey
  • Select the case
  • Choose target audiende
  • Decide on visit frequency


Management overview

All research scores are segmented on aspects that matter to you. Analyze your scores by time, customer journey, question category, area, and much more.

Want to know more about a segment? Just zoom in on anything you want.


Survey level

Easily view all surveys that our community handed in for you. Analyze scores and read constructive feedback from real customers.

  • Print
  • Share
  • Compare


Select and compare all your locations on every aspect of the research. Discover top performers in your organization and extract best practices from the results.


Crunch the numbers


Get insights into all statistics about your mystery shopping research. Average expenditures, favorite visit times, and much more.


Check how engaged your team is with the research and how well they are using the results.


Question level

Deep dive into questions you asked the community. Segment by question types:

  • Weighted questions
  • Unweighted questions
  • Images
  • Visit types
  • Spent amount
  • Visit dates
  • Open-ended questions
  • NPS


The filter is a handy tool to zoom in deeper on your results, in order to get at useful insights. Just click on a filter element to filter your results.


Exports & API

Prefer to have all the data exported to a simple file? No problem. Easily export all research results to Excel in different formats. For larger organizations, we developed an API for full integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I easily see what's going well and what isn't?

Can my (store) managers get access to the results?

What happens when the results are in?

I'd like to be able to get an overview of the performance of my stores. Is that possible?

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