Client day 2019: An inspiration-filled event full of vision, tips and tricks!

On Friday October 11th, Secret View organized her second annual client day in the beautifully renovated Pathé Tuschinski Theater in Amsterdam. Clients and relations were supplied with plenty of food for thought by inspiring guest speakers.

After an incredibly successful first edition in 2018, it was about time we gathered our clients to organize a day where Secret View and our developments are centered and discussed. We greatly value close, open relationships with our clients and the client day is an important part of maintaining those relationships. In other words: a fantastic opportunity to tell our story, but also to invite clients to exchange their experiences with one another.

Pathe Tuschinsky

Secret View bags on chairs in Pathé cinemas


The day started in the monumental Tuschinski Theater where our host Agnes Rijskamp of Pathé Cinemas welcomed everyone and told us about Abraham Tuschinski’s dream to design a luxurious theater in Amsterdam – a dream come true now the room has been beautifully renovated. Niek Koning, founder of Secret View, took to the stage to talk about the most recent developments as well as an insight into 2020. The audience was walked through the past year in which Secret View found itself in a maelstrom of internationalization and is happily moving along with it. Adding amazing new clients in The Netherlands and (far) beyond, Secret View is entering a new chapter, a chapter that is all about exceeding limits and expectatons.

To the audience’s great enthusiasm, Niek revealed several new features in our software that allow our clients to analyze the mystery shopping results even more thoroughly than before. We only went live with those features very early that same morning, so it was a pleasant surprise for everyone there. Finally, we took a look at the software and how it will be developing throughout the next few months and into the new year.

Niek Koning presenting at the Secret View Clients Day

Jean Center presenting at the Secret View Clients Day 2019

Guest speakers

You’ve probably heard that Rituals has decided to partner up with Secret View as their worldwide mystery shopping partner. A great honor to us, and a challenge that directly influenced our course of action this year. To enlighten the audience into their decision-making process and the way research results are distributed and used within the organization, Lysander Oerlemans, Commercial Retail Operations Manager with Rituals, shared his story. He told us about the choice for a young, innovative partner that was able to grow along with Rituals’ international ambition, and about the research design in more detail.

Once you’re expanding as quickly as Rituals is, it’s challenging to continue to deliver the same level of service globally. That’s where Secret View comes in, and they have showed us they are capable of growing together.” – Lysander Oerlemans, Rituals

Lysander Oerlemans presents at Secret View Clients Day 2019

Marijke van der Hulst, Sales Coordinator at Jeans Centre, took the stage to share her experiences with mystery shopping and their Net Promoter Score research. Using a carefully balanced research combination, Jeans Centre ensures they are continuously up-to-date about their employees’ performance as well as the retail formula as a whole. Their ultimate goal? Giving every single customer a feeling of both friendship and specialism.

The Net Promoter Score is a very important part of our KPI’s, which is supported on a deeper level by mystery shopping research.” – Marijke van der Hulst, Jeans Centre

The third client to speak was Roger Bloem, marketeer at Smullers, a well-known Dutch chain specializing in snacks at railway stations. He explained clearly how the information from mystery shopping research seeps through the organization using Secret View’s software, and how actively their employees are engaged with the research.

Mystery shopping research really leads to conscious sales among our employees!” – Roger Bloem, Smullers

Guests looking at the presentations at secret views client day

Roger Bloem presents at secret view clients day 2019

The last speaker to take the stage was Koen, Business Development Manager at Secret View. One of the major developments and a long-cherished wish by many clients was an expansion of our range of research solutions. To fortify the results from mystery shopping, we’ve added employee surveys and Net Promoter Score (NPS) to our repertoire. The audience was given a glimpse into how these researches come together, and how quantitative and qualitative research can add to one another.

Presentation secret view


Whereas the guest speakers inspired the audience with tips & tricks about the execution and follow-up of good research, we were letting us be inspired by our clients during the brainstorm session. With this interactive closing session, we try to validate our assumptions to find out what our clients desire most from us. There is really no better way to stay on track than to ask these people for what they’d like to see!

Finally, all the guests shared their experiences in the VIP room whilst enjoying some great food and drinks. It was an especially educational day for us, and we hope to see everyone again next year!

Secret View team at pathe tuschinsky