We're back at it!

After a turbulent period, many have returned to life after the corona virus. That includes us at Secret View. As a result, an increasing number of mystery shopping researches are restarting! Together with our community, we make sure to adhere to the most recent safety measures.

While we are not yet rid of the corona virus, in many places the effects of the safety measures are now visible. Decreasing numbers of contaminations mean we can loosen up a little with measures slowly being lifted. However, in some areas the number of contaminations is still (or again) rising, which means we need to stay vigilant.

In those areas where we can see actual improvement of the situation, we are now ready to restart our mystery shopping researches. We do so while taking extra care for the health and safety of store employees, mystery shoppers and other visitors. To create a safe environment, we all need to adhere to the regulations that are in place. We’re taking the following steps to do our part:

  • Assignments are only published in ‘safe’ areas
  • Extensive briefing to community
  • Sharing safety protocols
  • Making sure mystery shoppers wear face masks if required
  • Ongoing talks with clients and mystery shoppers
  • Gathering feedback to improve customer experience during corona

We are currently assuming that countries will no longer go into a full lockdown but will take regional measures to contain the virus. We will keep a close look on developments and take fitting measures when necessary.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions relating to mystery shopping & corona.

Most of all, we’re super excited to restart our researches for many clients. Among others, RitualsDysonPathéSPARTrainMoreDrSmileWe Are Labels and many more are now ready to receive our community’s valuable feedback. Like us, they see the value of mystery shopping research during the corona pandemic and its potential to stimulate the customer experience in their stores. More about customer experience during the pandemic next week. 😉 As soon as more researches restart, we’ll let you know right away!

- Team Secret View