Butcher shops optimize customer experience with mystery shopping

Starting March, butchers in the Netherlands will be able to optimize their customer experience using mystery shopping research. Secret View is now launching the very first mystery shopping platform designed for small businesses. Using feedback from real customers, butcher shops can now learn to use their artisanal skills to improve the customer journey.

DIY Mystery Shopping

The demand for mystery shopping research among butchers has been high for a long time. But this qualitative research method was never accessible for anyone but large retail chains. To give small business owners with one to five locations the opportunity to gather valuable feedback from real customers, Secret View developed an affordable and easy DIY solution for small business owners to set up their own mystery shopping research.

In collaboration with three butchery associations in the Netherlands, Secret View is first launching this service for butchers. Every butcher shop can now receive mystery shoppers. Accessibly and without any onboarding fees, but for a low fixed price per mystery shopping assignment. This way, you can quickly gather valuable feedback from customers that goes much farther than superficial online reviews. The results from the research are displayed in an easy-to-use online dashboard.

Accessible dashboard

David Bleijie, Manager Education & Training of the Vereniging van Keurslagers, says: “With our experience from the industry and Secret View’s expertise, a method was developed that enables butchers to set up their own mystery shopping research easily. The research is carried out by real customers. It gives you detailed information about the customer’s experience. Which is, aside from the quality of our products, one of the most important aspects in our industry. Secret View now offers a simple solution to keep your team sharp in a positive way. Business owners decide for themselves if and when they want to start a research, and we use it to add to our training programs.

CEO of Uw Slager and manager for Het Worstmakersgilde, two large butchery associations, Albert-Peter Veldkamp, is excited too: “We’ve been doing mystery shopping research with Secret View for a few years now. Many of our members have great experiences with mystery shopping and the dashboard. The butchers tell us the dashboard, which is full of great feedback from mystery shoppers, is very easy to use.” With this feedback, you can effectively map the entire customer experience and learn exactly where you can improve. The result: more satisfied customers and higher revenue.

Expanding soon

Leading up to the launch, more than 200 independent butchers have applied for DIY mystery shopping research. Starting this month, butchers in the Netherlands can start their own mystery shopping research from just €24,99 per mystery shopping visit. We’re planning to expand our services to other industries and other countries soon!

Want to know more? Check this page for everything about mystery shopping for small business.

Image showing the easy DIY process for mystery shopping research

Secret View offers every organization an easy and affordable solution to continuously learn from high-quality feedback based on real customer experiences. With a community of over 20,000 mystery shoppers and a home-made online platform, Secret View does mystery shopping research in over 20 countries for some of the world’s biggest brands. Now it’s time to give small businesses that opportunity as well.