Tackling the corona crisis together

It is clear now that the corona crisis will have a lasting effect. We’re not sure how big of an impact it will have in the long run. What we do know is that we’ll not let it get us down!

As a service provider for retail, sports, hospitality, theaters and more, we were also struck by the measures governments take to limit the corona virus outbreak. As a result of those measures, many businesses have closed their doors for now.

Customer experiences during this period are not representative for an organization. A company may handle the new regulations very well, but the customer journey is inevitably altered. Retail assistants, waiters, trainers, and everyone else who gets in touch with customers are currently unable to provide the service they want to provide. Consequently, the majority of our clients have decided to not carry out any mystery shopping visits anywhere in the world. And we completely support that decision.

It is not just that the research quality will degrade. It’s also the responsibility we have to take collectively, as individuals and business, to not stimulate anyone going out into the streets.

We keep our own team from the street as well. Our team members are used to working from home two days a week, so it wasn’t any trouble making this a more permanent situation. Even our Friday drinks were done through a conference call!

Clearly this period is challenging for every organization. Including us. But it doesn’t diminish our confidence in the future. Better yet, we try to get the best out of a bad situation by rethinking our course. Leading to loads of good ideas that we will share with you in due time.

We patiently await, conjure up new plans and slowly start looking forward again. Above all, we hope everyone stay healthy and happy. Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy!