KOMONO x Secret View

The amazing watches and (sun)glasses brand from Belgium, KOMONO, is joining Secret View! Starting this month, our community will be visiting KOMONO stores in Belgium and the Netherlands to carry out mystery shopping research.

Since 2009, KOMONO has been a frontrunner in the field of watches, (sun)glasses and other accessories. They deliver great products with the help of countless resellers and their own stores, where their brand identity is displayed to the fullest.

Purchasing a watch or pair of (sun)glasses is heavily advice-dependent. Different designs and shapes can make it difficult for a customer to choose, so there is plenty of room – and need – for advice. The employees are central to this advice, asking the right questions to be able to guide customers to the best choice for them.

To get insights into this process in their stores, KOMONO has decided to start using mystery shopping research. “The results from the continuous mystery shopping research give us usable insights that we can integrate into our training programs. We use the results to train our employees effectively in precisely those areas where it is most needed.” says Jamey Coppen, Retail Manager at KOMONO.

Jamey is clear about why KOMONO chose Secret View: “I was charmed by Secret View’s ideas about mystery shopping; not as auditing but as a data-driven approach to learn from real customer experiences. The user-friendly online dashboard helps us to engage all of our employees in this process, from management to the store assistants.”

We look forward to collecting valuable feedback for KOMONO!

Mystery shopper? You don’t want to miss this one!

There’s a limited number of assignments available in Belgium and the Netherlands, only for the very best mystery shoppers. Apply for an assignment starting this month and shine with a new watch or a pair of glasses from KOMONO!