SLA x Secret View

One of the coolest food concepts in the Netherlands has decided to team up with Secret View! It is with great pleasure that we hereby announce SLA will be starting a mystery shopping research with us. They will be doing two visits a month in each of their organic salad bars!

SLA offers a delicious solution to one of the biggest questions of our time: our food. Using only organic ingredients, the SLA team creates pure, honest, and inspiring meals for conscious consumers. With their solid vision on how our eating could (and should?) change, SLA is conquering all of the Netherlands with 12 salad bars and more to come.

Jop, founder of SLA, tells us what motivated him to work together with Secret View: "Given the growth of our concept, it's really important to maintain the same high standards in every salad bar, from the first one in Amsterdam to the newest in Rotterdam. We want to live and breathe our social mission in every aspect, and mystery shopping is going to play a big part in achieving that. With Secret View, we'll be able to achieve a continuously high level across the board, and gain fantastic insights into our customers' feedback!"

We're looking forward to helping Jop and his team to even further improve their customer experiences!

Are you as hungry for a salad as we are?

If you're already a mystery shopper, you'll find these yummy assignments (in the Netherlands only) on our platform very soon, keep an eye on new publications! Not a mystery shopper yet? Sign up now!